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Avi Zimmerman

Founder & CEO

Avi Zimmerman, is the Founder and CEO of Sector4 Strategy LTD. With extensive experience in diplomacy, project development, and innovation mentoring, Avi is a sought-after consultant for businesses, non-profits, and government entities.


In addition to leading Sector4, Avi is also the Chairman of the Judea and Samaria Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He established the Chamber in 2017 to promote a thriving regional economy by creating a network that spans populations, embraces international trade and promotes synergistic partnerships. Avi believes that direct and intentional engagement with complex ecosystems can unlock untold opportunities. In 2019 Avi launched the first Israeli-Palestinian Economic Forum, an international conference for inter-population economic development. And in 2020 he co-founded the Integrated Business Roundtable, a group of global impact investors committed to incentivizing inter-population enterprises by sidestepping political landmines and focusing on direct foreign investment.


Throughout his career, Avi has identified the common fault-lines between the differing cultures of business, nonprofit and government work. With an innovative mindset and a heart to generate positive impact, he began to share his experience-based guidance in navigating multitiered collaborations to the benefit of diverse audiences. Today, what was once a series of bandwith-dependent projects has come of age as the full service Sector4 consultancy firm.   


From day one, Avi has built Sector4 with a commitment to purpose. The firm’s services are rooted in Torah-inspired social values which Avi formulates with likeminded associates. Avi studied advanced degrees at Hebrew University and Tel Aviv University and earned his MBA at Ariel University. He prepares carefully packaged personal meals for his five children before they head off to school, wondering why the tips mug has yet to receive a contribution. Avi also enjoys growing watermelons and grapes on his balcony with a view to the Mediterranean Sea, anticipating the sweet fruits of consistent cultivation. 

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