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What is the Fourth Sector? 

In a world of constant change, frames of reference can give form to your work and help you track progress. On a macro-level, economies are often characterized in terms of three leading sectors. Government is considered the first sector, business is referred to as the second sector and non-profits are collectively known as the third sector. And if the world was static then these silo sectors would be enough. But fortunately, life and genuine change are not bound to rigidly defined sectors. The fourth sector is where the standard three sectors collaborate with one another, where they synergize and where they cease to function independently of one another. In essence, the fourth sector isn't really a sector at all. It's where government agencies, corporations, non-profit organizations and individuals go to generate impact beyond their traditional stomping grounds and comfort zones. And it's there, in the endless realm of new opportunities, where Sector4 Strategy LTD meets you.  

Our Story

Sector4 Strategy is an impact consulting firm, born out of the changing global economic landscape and the insightful commitment of select Israel-based professionals to begin-with-purpose. Sector4 is not a compliance-driven consultancy. Instead of embarking on a journey based upon technical requirements, we work with our clients first to define their purpose and second to design their impact. Whether you have determined your focus or you are still conceptualizing what you hope to accomplish, whether you are committed to the environment or to social wellbeing, whether your team is in place or you intend to launch a new initiative, Sector4 is here so that you can chart your path, navigate the challenges along the way and reach your destination. We look forward to studying your story so that we can consider how we can best be of service. When we begin-with-purpose, every journey is meaningful.    

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